About Us

In a world which is inorganic, highly preserved and in a time where we are exporting our quality food and importing inferior quality which should be grown & made locally, Certified Food is about identifying & supporting Australian made businesses and local produce growers to ensure that the local food bowl remains an active part of our lives.

Certified Food has also been geared towards an awareness of various dietary requirements particularly consumers with food allergies / intolerances.  We categorise and specify food according to such needs to make searching easier, allowing suppliers to advertise directly to the public and achieve a lower retail cost.

We are a Melbourne based organisation but we are looking at a representation Australia wide.  Suppliers of locally grown produce who are wanting to promote their quality produce, join us and share your business. Australian made food businesses we also support you and encourage you to join us too.

For consumers, have confidence that your food bowl is still Australian made and let’s try to keep it this way for yourself and your family – it still matters.

Suppliers and consumers are always welcome!